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30 April 2006


Out of Touch

They just dont get it...
White House Correspondents Dinner
Hot Air has clips from last night’s White House correspondents dinner; Allahpundit says Stephen Colbert bombed. (Angry lefties think he was brilliant, of course.)
By Michelle Malkin

-Update 2.0 (via NavySwan, better video)

Colbert Roasts Bush 1
Colbert Roasts Bush 2
Colbert Roasts Bush 3

Good round up of reviews here.

My fav:

"Man, this was funny but really edgy. It's like doing comedy about Iran in Iran in front of clerics."

-From News Hounds:

The videos on, and other outlets feature only the Presidential skit, but no clips of Colbert's scathingly funny expose of the current administration's foibles and failures.

One wonders if the word has gone out from the White House: Stifle references to Colbert or suffer the consequences. Or is this deafening silence the result of the collective guilty conscience of the MSM media?

29 April 2006


Hey you,...

Dumbass, what's your name? Michelle Malkin? In response to your "THIS IS OUR ANTHEM" illegal alien anthem nonsense . . . explain to me why the bible has been, to paraphrase your discription, "[rewritten] to pander to ethnic grievance-mongers who don't respect American Christian laws or traditions." Why isn't the bible still in the original Hebrew and Aramaic, Michelle?
Francis Scott Key's "Star-Spangled Banner" was written in English. So what. The Marriage of Figaro was written in French for the original stage play, before Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart did the Italian version. Me thinks Michelle has been reading a bit to much Burke as of late:

"We are afraid to put men to live and trade each on his own private stock of reason, because we suspect that this stock in each man is small, and that the individuals would do better to avail themselves of the general bank and capital of nations and ages. Many of our men of speculation, instead of exploding general prejudices, employ their sagacity to discover the latent wisdom which prevails in them. If they find what they seek, and they seldom fail, they think it more wise to continue the prejudice, with the reason involved, than to cast away the coat of prejudice, and to leave nothing but naked reason; because prejudice, with its reason, has a motive to give action to that reason, and an affection which will give it permanence."

28 April 2006


What a way to celebrate my 300th post!

Rush Limbaugh arrested on prescription drug charges Associated Press WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.
Rush Limbaugh was arrested Friday on prescription drug charges, law enforcement officials said.

Limbaugh turned himself in to authorities on a warrant issued by the State Attorney's Office, said Teri Barbera, a spokeswoman for the State Attorney's Office.

The conservative radio commentator came into the jail at about 4 p.m. with his attorney Roy Black and bonded out an hour later on a $3,000 bail, Barbera said.

The warrant was for fraud to conceal information to obtain prescription, Barbera said.

Black said his client and authorities reached a settlement on a single count charge of doctor shopping filed Friday by the State Attorney will be dismissed in 18 months.

Prosecutors seized Limbaugh's records after learning that he received about 2,000 painkillers, prescribed by four doctors in six months, at a pharmacy near his Palm Beach mansion. They contend that Limbaugh engaged in "doctor shopping," or illegally deceived multiple doctors to receive overlapping prescriptions.

Limbaugh has not been charged and maintains he's innocent. He has acknowledged he became addicted to pain medication, blaming it on severe back pain, and took a five-week leave from his radio show to enter a rehabilitation program in 2003.

-Just tell me Rove is next...

I ain't got no, dow da dow, freaking I-pod

Ten highly recommended tunes hip daddy-o... Kittie - Run Like Hell Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California Eagles of Death Metal - Stacks o' Money Tool - Vicarious State Radio - Mr. Larkin Pearl Jam - World Wide Suicide Anti-Flag - The Press Corpse Placebo - Infra-Red Neal Young - Let's Impeach the President

27 April 2006


I knew I'd seen that guy somewhere...

Via TMP Muckraker:
I've learned from a highly-connected source that those under intense scrutiny by the FBI are current and former lawmakers on Defense and Intelligence comittees -- including one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post.
-Is that Senator Pat Geary, from the Godfather II, or Porter Goss?
-UpDate from Daily Kos: "as evidence comes to light, this scandal is going to be blown wide open, and there's no telling who or how many Republicans will go down."
Prosecutors were tipped off about the sex-for-favors scheme by Mitchell Wade, who has already plead guilty to bribing Cunningham and is cooperating with investigators. Wilkes, through his attorney, has denied any involvement . . .It seemed, as Markos said when Hotline first reported on the hospitality suites, "insanely improbable" that the culture of corruption included a lobbyist-sponsored prostitution ring. Yet five months later, here we are, firmly outside of tinfoil hat territory, reading about a Republican sex scandal in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.


Get it

26 April 2006


Love that White House

25 April 2006


I remember it like it was yesterday.

-I wont forget it either...

I didn't know Tony Snow grew a beard?!

-It has come to pass...

24 April 2006


V is for Victory

They're gonna put me in the movies They're gonna make a big star out of me We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely And all I have to do is act naturally
MsKitka, an old MSN Spaces alum, has hit the big time! Congratulations !!! (and thanks for the overflow, being on your short list of links has bumped my stats crazy) Click on the picture for the story! (H/T) Mrs Jones @ Blog it Right.


"Damned to repeat."

The Rude One's hittin' on all cylinders:
"Not so fast, Georgie. You walk away now, and I'll put in my last memoirs about all the times your Dad had to have the CIA disappear hookers and coke dealers you wouldn't pay." Bush relaxed, straightened his tie, and glared at the old man, remembering his father's fond talk about being able to easily manipulate Ford. "Half the bastards in your administration committed their first evil in my name-Cheney, Rumsfeld. You think they learned their shit in a vacuum? We faced the fuckin' Khmer Rouge, motherfuckers who make Saddam Hussein look like the dime-a-goddamn-dozen tinpot dictator he was. We faced the Soviet fuckin' Union, with its thousands of nukes pointing right at us, so organized and filled with hate for America that it makes al-Qaeda look like back stall of the shithouse group it actually is. And you think you have bad ass motherfuckers around? I had Kissinger. Cocksucker used to eat East Timorese babies for breakfast and Chilean mothers for midnight snacks. So a little goddamn respect, you little shit."
-He's right about Blogger shittin' the bed as well...which reminds me, back to my paper on Cholera.


Whats' in your wallet?

- Because nothing says "Ownership Society" like a new pair of tits.

Is there a breeze in here?

The Emperor's New Clothes and the Fucking Blogger

21 April 2006


Illegal Immigration and Inverse Fascism

I’ve yet to comment on the immigration debate, and I am reluctant to for a couple of reasons. First and foremost it is a political distraction from real and pressing issues--last summers Iraq and this spring's Iran--immigration is this years Gay Marriage Amendment. It conveniently takes the spotlight off the Republican Culture of Corruption, and the mess in the Middle East. Another reason I haven’t discussed it at any length is my own naturally Conservative notions might run off the readership.

Naturally Conservative notions? Shut up. We all have them.

Well the reason I’m saying something now—beyond having watched Gangs of New York again—is reading yesterday morning's post by Michelle Malkin. Just take a look at this graphic from the post:

It is noted by Malkin, after surveying this document, that, " . . . from 1997 to 2003, worksite arrests . . . fell by a factor of some 97 percent since 1997--and plunged by another 2/3rds by 2004." While Malkin comes to other conclusions about what this means, one of them being that the recent raids by the Department of Homeland Security are politicaly timed and hollow, I am struck by the reaccuring theme that has been seen again and again since the Republicans sealed their lock on the Congress, and since Bush has been squatting in the Oval Office.

The theme is smaller government by attrition. This is the Conservative modus operandi. Don't like the idea of a social safety net? Spend the surplus, and then try to privatize. Don't like the Education Department? Pass another unfunded mandate designed to bring down the already teatering public education system. Don't like Unions? Allow the Nation to be flooded with illegal immigrants. Strike busters. Scabs. Cheap labor. Why? Because when you boil "smaller government" down it means just one thing--a Goverment so small it is unable to protect the People from Corporations. The Executive branch becomes the office of the CEO of America Inc. We all are once again beholdin' to the company store.


A recent post @ On the Rocks with a Twist broke Fascism down into a simple mathematic equation:

This equation is true enough, but it is not what is happening today in America. In my response I stated:

America is actually suffering from reverse fascism. Fascism is basically the State control of industry. The U.S. has given up regulation of Airlines, Ma Bell, and other industries over the years. In an equal yet opposite reaction corporate oligarchy has slowly taken over Government through lobbyist, lawyers, and the like. Reverse Fascism.

I'm no Marxist, and certainly no admirer of Mussolini, but reverse Fascism is just as detrimental to American Democracy (what's left of it) as the first two. In a Democracy the needs of the business class must be balanced with the needs of the private citizen, and vice versa. No inanimate corporation deserves more rights than a living human being. What's happening in America is a travesty. The marketing of medicine, the auctioning off of our Government by the ruling party, the de-secularization of America, all absolutely disgusting.

The way forward is to institute real ethics reform, campaign finance reform, instant runoff voting, and secure computer voting. The People need to know their vote counts. The People need to know the voice is being heard. Whatever your values or political affiliation if your advocating for the status quo your squarely against America.

So my equation, my expression of what we have here in an America, where Government has trended toward less oversite ( Ie - Smaller Goverment ) looks something like this:
-Ya, I changed it from reverse to inverse. Also, if you have the time check out what Bacchus has dug up from the real Founding Fathers.

20 April 2006


Rewind, unwind, unbind...Imagine

I just got done watching Bush welcome the leader of China to our country. At the end of the pomp, a Marine came forward and saluted the Preznit. Bush didn't even return the salute. At least Reagan managed a half-assed left handed salute, the senile old bastard. (H/T)One Good Move Update: THAT'S what Democracy looks like Mr. Hu!!! How'd ya like that lady calling you out? "President Bush, stop him!" "Stop the oppression of Falun Gong!"

19 April 2006


The deckchair boogie

After a nail bitter last week, with Rummy in a dead heat with Scottie, and a recount, and another recount--hanging chads and the whole 9--the results are in...and it's a two-fer, Scottie, and Darkhorse come from behind Karl Rove! McClellan Leaves White House Press Office White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan Resigns;
Karl Rove Reassigned By NEDRA PICKLER The Associated Press
WASHINGTON - White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove is giving up his policy portfolio and press secretary Scott McClellan is resigning, continuing a shakeup in President Bush's administration that has already yielded a new chief of staff.
A senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the president had not yet made the announcement, said Wednesday that Rove is giving up oversight of policy development to focus more on politics with the approach of the fall midterm elections.

(H/T) Comandante Agí @ The Defeatists

Update- Nominees for Scotties job, via Atrios:

Tony Snow

Baghdad Dan Senor, otherwise known as Mr. Campbell Brown

Jeff Gannon

Ron Silver

Toby Keith


Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!

Southern Man
This Note's for You
Rockin' in the Free World
...and now
Neil Young Rockin' Dubya's World
by Josh Grossberg
Apr 18, 2006, 2:25 PM PT
Neil Young's 1989 anthem "Rockin' in the Free World" was scathingly critical of the social policies of then-president George Bush. Now the rock icon has found himself a new target: Bush's son.
In a ticker on his official Website, Young has announced plans to release Living With War, a anti-war album addressing the conflict in Iraq which he recorded earlier this month in three short days.
The album, being distributed by Warner/Reprise, takes sharp aim at the administration of President George W. Bush with the scathing tune, "Let's Impeach the President."
I'm living with war in my heart everyday/. . . and on the flat screen we kill and we're killed again/and when the night falls, I pray for peace.
- Comes a time...

18 April 2006


Rumsfeld: Six retired senior US generals are agents of Bin Ladin.

-WTF, this guys losing it...

Read all about it!

Check out this article; the story of how another facet of the Republican Culture of Corruption Tm was taken down. 'Safe Road' probe almost didn't happen By Ray GibsonTribune staff reporter Published April 17, 2006, 9:56 PM CDT -How many other thieves have slipped the noose?

17 April 2006


In case you missed it this weekend...

I watched this on CSPAN2 this weekend, great stuff. The best part was at the end during the Q&A. Stephen Kinzer absolutly shut down the right-wing critics in the audience. I learned this as well; in this day and age all you have to do to be a rebel, is stand up for American principles. The Right-wing will simply froth at the mouth and flial around when they fail to paint such a person (anyone with intelligence and objectivity) with the Communist/Socialist/Traitor brush.

15 April 2006


See ya in three...

It's a Resurrection Weekend! Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia Janis Joplin - Turtle Blues Jimi Hendrix - Jelly 292 The Doors - Black Train Song The Who - Substitute Led Zeppelin - In the Light John Lennon - Watching The Wheels (acoustic) Stevie Ray Vaughn - Wham! Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns Nirvana - Grey Goose Blind Melon - Change Grateful Dead - Loser *Warning, step back in case of lightning*

11 April 2006


...and it's in the dirt!

- Hey Ump, check his mit for vaseline...

Just in case you've received one of those e-mails...

Shell Shock- by George Carlin
I don't like words that hide the truth. I don't words that conceal reality. I don't like euphemisms, or euphemistic language. And American English is loaded with euphemisms. Cause Americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality. Americans have trouble facing the truth, so they invent the kind of a soft language to protest themselves from it, and it gets worse with every generation. For some reason, it just keeps getting worse. I'll give you an example of that. There's a condition in combat. Most people know about it. It's when a fighting person's nervous system has been stressed to it's absolute peak and maximum. Can't take anymore input. The nervous system has either (click) snapped or is about to snap. In the first world war, that condition was called shell shock. Simple, honest, direct language. Two syllables, shell shock. Almost sounds like the guns themselves. That was seventy years ago. Then a whole generation went by and the second world war came along and very same combat condition was called battle fatigue. Four syllables now. Takes a little longer to say. Doesn't seem to hurt as much. Fatigue is a nicer word than shock. Shell shock! Battle fatigue. Then we had the war in Korea, 1950. Madison avenue was riding high by that time, and the very same combat condition was called operational exhaustion. Hey, were up to eight syllables now! And the humanity has been squeezed completely out of the phrase. It's totally sterile now. Operational exhaustion. Sounds like something that might happen to your car. Then of course, came the war in Viet Nam, which has only been over for about sixteen or seventeen years, and thanks to the lies and deceits surrounding that war, I guess it's no surprise that the very same condition was called post-traumatic stress disorder. Still eight syllables, but we've added a hyphen! And the pain is completely buried under jargon. Post-traumatic stress disorder. I'll bet you if we'd of still been calling it shell shock, some of those Viet Nam veterans might have gotten the attention they needed at the time. I'll betcha. I'll betcha. But. But, it didn't happen, and one of the reasons. One of the reasons is because we were using that soft language. That language that takes the life out of life. And it is a function of time. It does keep getting worse. I'll give you another example. Sometime during my life. Sometime during my life, toilet paper became bathroom tissue. I wasn't notified of this. No one asked me if I agreed with it. It just happened. Toilet paper became bathroom tissue. Sneakers became running shoes. False teeth became dental appliances. Medicine became medication. Information became directory assistance. The dump became the landfill. Car crashes became automobile accidents. Partly cloudy bacame partly sunny. Motels became motor lodges. House trailers became mobile homes. Used cars became previously owned transportation. Room service became guest-room dining. And constipation became occasional irregularity. When I was a little kid, if I got sick they wanted me to go to the hospital and see a doctor. Now they want me to go to a health maintenance organization...or a wellness center to consult a healthcare delivery professional. Poor people used to live in slums. Now the economically disadvantaged occupy substandard housing in the inner cities. And they're broke! They're broke! They don't have a negative cash-flow position. They're fucking broke! Cause a lot of them were fired. You know, fired. management wanted to curtail redundancies in the human resources area, so many people are no longer viable members of the workforce. Smug, greedy, well-fed white people have invented a language to conceal their sins. It's as simple as that. The CIA doesn't kill anybody anymore, they neutralize people...or they depopulate the area. The government doesn't lie, it engages in disinformation. The pentagon actually measures nuclear radiation in something they call sunshine units. Israeli murderers are called commandos. Arab commandos are called terrorists. Contra killers are called freedom fighters. Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part of it to us, do they? Never mention that part of it.
-Bonus, I know you've got one about Robin Williams too:
President Ronald Reagan: Uh.. Iran, Iraq.. stalagmite, stalactite..

10 April 2006


Designated Hitter

The Penguin Declines
Joker: Get Penguin's clothes for him! Hurry!
Penguin: Get my clothes for me? I've got them on!
Joker: Oh, so you do! For a minute, I thought those were prison issue!
Penguin: Prison issue?! This sartorial triumph, a prison issue?!
Joker: Well, sometime I'll give you the name of my tailor!
Penguin: Sometime I'll give you a piece of my mind! Like right now!!
-The Right has stolen another Lefty Idea, "Anybody but Bush!"
- Coda
The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500
Atten: President Pampers

08 April 2006


World landspeed flip-flop record

from Think Progress: White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, 12:59 PM, refusing to talk about a legal filing:
The second part of your question is referring to an ongoing legal proceeding and referring to a filing in that legal proceeding. We have had a policy in place, going back to the October time period of 2003 that we are not going to comment on an ongoing investigation or an ongoing legal proceeding. That policy remains unchanged.
McClellan, 1:08 PM, referring a reporter to a legal filing:
Actually, go back and look at the filing that was made by Mr. Fitzgerald, because Mr. Fitzgerald talks about that very issue in his filing, and contradicts what you’re suggesting.

-anybody want to guess who will be featured in week three of "Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?"

07 April 2006


When will you or I be next?

"You know you hear these stories everyday and say, 'This will never happen to me,' but yesterday it happened to me," Pickett said.
(H/T) Shakespeare's Sister

06 April 2006


Treason, somebodys going to swing.

from The Smoking Gun: Libby: Bush Authorized Plamegate Leak Indicted ex-Cheney aide told grand jury of White House approval
APRIL 6--A former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney told a federal grand jury that President George W. Bush authorized him to leak information from a classified intelligence report to a New York Times reporter. Details of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's testimony were included in a court filing made yesterday by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, who is prosecuting Libby for perjury, obstruction of justice, and making false statements in connection with the probe into the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity. According to Fitzgerald's filing, an excerpt of which you'll find below, Libby, 55, testified in 2003 that he provided reporter Judith Miller with information from a classified National Intelligence Estimate after being told by Cheney that Bush "specifically had authorized" him to "disclose certain information in the NIE." Click here to read on, and Click here for PDF of entire 39-page Fitzgerald filing.


Frist and Foremost

Just a quick post before I run out the door. I watched Bill Frist's whiney ass on both the Today Show and Fox and Fiends this morning (It's my day off, yeah!) First let me say Frist recieved the star treatment from Katie Couric, amazing when you compare this mornings interview with the exchange she had with Howard Dean a while back. I think this means CBS is going decidedly to the Right with this pick. I dare say Frist recieved a slightly more detailed questioning from the Fox crew, most like just a more elaborate set up for his, "Democrats are obstructing everything even though I obstruct things like Ethics reform because it's convieniant" bitching and moaning.
I'm going carshopping, it's time to trade in the Nissan.

05 April 2006


Administration Disconnect Vol XXVI

Good News! The Rich Get Richer
Lack of applause for falling wages is media mystery By Janine Jackson
The Bush administration made a concerted effort to trumpet a “booming” U.S. economy in early December, widely understood as an attempt to reverse what polls indicate to be the public’s largely negative views on the matter. There are, of course, obvious reasons the majority of Americans dissent from the White House’s rosy presentation of the economy: Most American households are not, in fact, seeing their economic fortunes improve. GDP is up, but virtually all the growth has gone into corporate profits and the incomes of the highest economic brackets. Wages and incomes for average workers, adjusted for inflation, are down in recent years; the median income for non-elderly households is down 4.8 percent since 2000 (Economic Policy Institute, 8/31/05). The poverty rate is rising, as is the number of people in debt. But rather than confront these realities, and explore the implications of the White House’s efforts to deny them, most mainstream media instead assisted the Bush team’s PR by themselves feigning confusion over the gap between the official view and the public mood.
-Read the rest here.

04 April 2006


Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, week 2

Bush said likely to replace Treasury chief Snow
By Caren Bohan and Glenn Somerville Mon Apr 3, 7:54 PM ET
President George W. Bush looks increasingly likely to replace Treasury Secretary John Snow and is considering former lawmakers and some Wall Street executives to succeed him, Republican sources said on Monday. The Bush administration wants a more compelling figure than Snow to lead its effort to highlight the economy's strength in the hope of bolstering Republican chances in November's congressional elections, the sources said.
-Afterward, the seven hundred people in the boats had nothing to do but wait: wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution which would never come.

03 April 2006


Straight-Talk Regress

"And, I know that I'll hear from them for this. But, throwing God out successfully with the help of the federal court system, throwing God out of the public square, out of the schools. The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way -- all of them who have tried to secularize America -- I point the finger in their face and say "you helped this happen." - Jerry Farwell on the Events of September 11th 2001 "I remember a day when ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN and the major print media controlled all the news flow to the American people and we found ourselves getting warped and distorted news. I thank God now in the 21st century for talk radio, that three hours a day people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and hundreds of others are telling the truth of what really is going on. I thank God for FOX News Channel [applause]. I thank God for the Internet bloggers and the news producers like,, even The Drudge Report." – Jerry Farwell, Thanksgiving 2004
"The [National Government] regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life." – Hitler (Whoops, damn you google) "His message of peace and reconciliation under almost all circumstances is simply incompatible with Christian teachings as I interpret them. This 'turn the other cheek' business is all well and good but it's not what Jesus fought and died for. What we need to do is take the battle to the Muslim heathens and do unto them before they do unto us." – Jerry Farwell on Jimmy Carter "AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals. To oppose it would be like an Israelite jumping in the Red Sea to save one of Pharaoh's charioteers . . . AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals." - Jerry Farwell on AIDS "I listen to feminists and all these radical gals... These women just need a man in the house. That's all they need. Most of the feminists need a man to tell them what time of day it is and to lead them home. And they blew it and they're mad at all men. Feminists hate men. They're sexist. They hate men; that's their problem." - Jerry Farwell on why he can't get laid "Now, further evidence that the creators of the series intend for Tinky Winky to be a gay role model have surfaced. He is purple -- the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle..." -- the gay-pride symbol." - Jerry Farwell off his rocker
RUSSERT: Do you believe that Jerry Falwell is still an agent of intolerance?
MCCAIN: No, I don’t.

02 April 2006


View from the Top

The economy is doing good, no, great!!! From Think Progress: - After adjusting for inflation, wages have not risen during the last three years. In fact, real hourly wages fell for most middle- and low-income workers in 2005 and the inflation-adjusted value of the minimum wage is 29 percent lower today than it was in 1979. - The poverty rate has risen each year since 2001, with 12.7 percent of the population now living in poverty. - Job growth during President Bush’s term has been the lowest since World War II.

01 April 2006


Dr Rice, say it ain't so!

Rice admits "thousands" of errors in Iraq Fri Mar 31, 2006 9:46 AM ET By Gideon Long and Sue Pleming

BLACKBURN (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accepted on Friday the United States had probably made thousands of errors in Iraq but defended the overall strategy of removing Saddam Hussein.

Local Muslims and anti-war activists told Rice to "Go Home" when British counterpart Jack Straw earlier led her on a tour of his home town of Blackburn in the industrial northwest, an area which rarely plays host to overseas politicians.

"Yes, I know we have made tactical errors, thousands of them," she said in answer to a question over whether lessons had been learned since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

-Defeatists? Another Jill Carrol? Jane Fonda Redux? Look at the mirth in her eyes! April Fools! (H/T) Daily Kos


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