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31 August 2005


I'm Learning

I may have to take this site back to it's original configuration. I've messed the script up somewhere. I can't seem to get the comments hid so they aren't displayed all the time, and when I post a comment on someone else's blog the link to my profile and the accompanying thumbnail are right in the middle of the comment. If anyone has some tips let me know (on these things or any other thing about the site).

30 August 2005


Did Time intentionally deceive its readers in Plame case?

From Media Matters:
For some time, the central mystery in the Valerie Plame saga was which members of the White House staff leaked the undercover CIA operative's identity to reporters. Although there are still many unanswered questions, at least part of the mystery has been solved: Time magazine correspondent Matthew Cooper has testified that he was told about Plame by White House senior adviser Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff. Yet while Cooper and his editors at Time spent two years keeping Rove and Libby's -- and their own -- role a secret, they published articles that reported, without challenge, a statement from the White House that they knew to be false.
...and stil people persist with the claim that the media is chock full of liberals that control every aspect of what gets reported.

28 August 2005


“Idiot, go home.”

It's getting ugly down in Crawford.


The Word: Sunday, August 28th 2005

*Note, this is a repost from the 25th.
"The Word," will now be a regular Sunday feature,
in the vein of other cyber political classics like;
Republican Jesus, Rapture Watch,
and GOP Hypocrite of the Week.



I figured that before I went on any further with this site I should come up with some kind of game plan for what I want to accomplish. I think the first order of business would be to give you a little of my background. I was born and raised in Central New York, in a town called Locke, just south of Moravia, which is in turn a few miles south of Owasco Lake. After finally graduating high school I enlisted in the Army as a 14T, Patriot Missile Crewmember. I've been stationed around the world in such places as South Korea, Germany, Kuwait, Texas, and Jordan. I am currently serving with the New York State Army National Guard. Although I'd been going to school on and off for the last year or so since I left the Army, I am now on fulltime active duty in support of Task Force Empire Shield. Lulled in to a false sense of security during the Clinton years, I did not become politically active until the last election cycle. In the last year I've attended the protest march at the RNC and a lecture by Michael Moore at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. While in school I decided to switch majors from Audio/Radio production to Liberal Arts/Humanities with a English and Writing concentration. My goal is to attend Syracuse's Newhouse school of Public Communication after I receive my associates from Cayuga Community College (4.0 last semester BTW). The majors I am considering are either political science or journalism. Since I am on hiatus from gettin'n my book learn'n, I've decided to take up blogging to remain sharp and expand my skills. I'm taking a measured approach and plan to steadily progress to my own domain.
I started blogging about two months ago on It is perfect for the complete novice. Everything is already set up for you, just plug in what you want. The Photo Album and built in Stats container are definitely the highpoints at MSN. Everything else begins to wear at you after a while. Limited backgrounds, corporate censorship, and a thousand lost posts are the negatives that stick out most. So far here at I am impressed. I am also a little intimidated, being just about completely lost when it comes to HTML. I have managed to get some links up, and even added some advertisements for what I'm sure will be a healthy source of revenue (I'm not quitting my day job).
That, I hope, is enough of an introduction. I plan to post a longer essay style entry every weekend, and for the weekdays a political piece here or there. In addition I'm going to branch out into an album review or two along with local news, politics, and current events. I hope you'll come back and post a comment (maybe even bookmark me), till then, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

24 August 2005


Declaration of Independence

This is my Declaration of Independence.
I'm cutting the Umbilical cord. You can see what I looked like in the womb here.


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