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20 October 2005


Crushing Ignorance @ Crushing Liberalism

All I did was quote the poor guy some Operation Yellow Elephant?!

Our volunteer Army's largest recruiting shortfall since 1979 means that continued U.S. military engagement in Iraq and elsewhere will succeed, or fail, on Americans' willingness to serve. ... Americans must volunteer to serve in our Army. Anyone who supports the war only if "other people" actually fight it does not, in fact, support the war at all.

What does poor Jonathan Leffingwell do? He whips out this sorry ass strawman argument equating the chickenhawk tag to saying someone's for arson if they are not firefighters. Then he bans me. That's just sorry. It's not like I engaged in the disgusting conduct that is being perpertrated on Republican Vet right now. Well, we've all got our own bit of growing up to do, in one way or another.


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