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11 October 2005


Do you know where I can buy some cigarettes?

Wasted a night of blogging watching the Yankees lose. Guess us New Yorkers will just have to settle for our eighth division championship. Time to throw in my support behind the White Sox. That’s a real working class team anyways. If Boston could get there due last year, it should be the White Sox this time. So what could I have been blogging about last night? Well it would probably take so long responding to all the comments left here in the last couple of days I wouldn’t have gotten around too much else. I’d like to thank everyone that has followed me over from the “old school.” I’d also like to thank the newer support from Night Birds Fountain and Blonde Sense. Of course I can’t forget the first person to leave a comment here way back in August when I was but a wee lad, JELIEL³.
One thing that I’m sure caught everyones attention yesterday was the story behind this this photo.
I saw an interview with the man’s lawyer on MSNBC while flipping throught the channels. He wanted to let everyone know that he didn’t think this incident was racialy motovated. What do you think? What do you make of the police man grabbing the AP photographer, and throwing him against the car, waving his finger in the guys face as the beating continued on in the background?
P.S. If you think this hasn't had an effect on my work schedual and quality blogging time think again...


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