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08 October 2005


Does chickenhawk translate into anonymous commenter somehow ?

Well I thought that at 3:30 in the morning I could test some code to embed video in a post, but instead this is what I got:
well hello there mr. i'm not liberal but by looking at your blog i beg to differ you are soooooooooo far off in left feild that you can't even see the ball park anymore!!!!! Do you even know you are saying about your president, OUR LEADER. ok you know I didn't like clinton but you know know what I ut up with him but I don't like the way you are talking about Bush I don't seee anything wrong with the war in Iraq you should research this before you start talking bad about our leaders, even if they are bad.
Posted by blkjac I'll let that statement stand on it's own, but what does wikipedia have to say on the matter: Liberalism is an ideology, or current of political thought, which defines itself as striving to maximize individual liberty through a democratic system of rights under law. In this system, the form of society is determined by the outcome of open competitive process, generally including economic competition, free exchange of ideas, and political expression within a defined framework. Liberalism rejects many foundational assumptions which dominated most earlier theories of government, such as hereditary status and established religion. One of the major intellectual and political philosophies of modern times, Conservatism refers to political philosophies, ideologies, and political movements in opposition to change. Some conservatives favor the status quo. Many conservatives, however, look back to a golden age, and favor a return to what they see as a better way of life. All conservatives would reject the premise, "change for its own sake." Etymologically, conservatism implies that conservatives seek to conserve the existing social order, or to conserve an ideal social order now in decline. That can take a radical form, and there are historical examples of radical conservatives. The Roman conservative Cicero was willing to excuse violence as a method of bringing back what he saw as the old Roman virtues. So, in that sense, yes, I guess I am Liberal. However I would describe my self as two parts Progressive, and one part Libertarian. I don’t believe in the traditional liberal big government ideology. I am pro seconded amendment. I am a veteran with over six years active duty time under my belt, and I'am currently on state active duty for the National Guard. I hunt. I look at porn; I don’t think it degrades women. I think that some time within the next decade affirmative action will have reached a tipping point where it is no longer necessary in its current form (I hope). I believe in economic equality and justice, just not to the extent that it topples the capitalist system and retards technological innovation. It’s so hard to define what a liberal is these days that I don’t blame you for your outburst. I just wish you’d taken the time, or more precisely, had the balls, to leave your homepage or e-mail so we could continue to discuss this further. Come again.

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