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28 October 2005


I'll be right back, I swear to god I will...

Bush Stresses Libby Is Presumed Innocent

Bush Saddened by Libby's Indictment, Says Former Cheney Adviser Should Be Presumed Innocent

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Friday he was saddened by the indictment and resignation of vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, adding that "in our system each individual is presumed innocent and entitled to due process and a fair trial."

Speaking a few hours after Libby's indictment in the CIA leak investigation, Bush said the departed aide had "sacrificed much" and served in "extraordinary times in our nation's history."

Bush, speaking shortly before boarding a helicopter for a trip to the presidential retreat at Camp David, Md., also declared he remained "fully focused " on the issues confronting the country.

"We've got a job to protect the American people, and that's what we'll continue working hard to do," the president said. He added that he would name a new justice to the Supreme Court "pretty soon."

Accompanying Bush on the weekend trip was Harriet Miers, the White House legal counsel who withdrew as a candidate for the high court on Thursday in the face of withering criticism from conservatives. In accepting her withdrawal, Bush said Miers would resume her duties helping review contenders for judicial openings.

From Blogenfreude:

Son of "Libby Indicted"

RAW STORY, Breaking: Bolton eyed as indictment reveals State Dept aided Libby; Sources confirm State Dept., NSC officials made deal with Fitzgerald... Soon...


BOLTON! This could take out BOLTON!

MORE ON ROVE: “This investigation is not yet over,” one of the lawyers in the case said. “You must keep in mind that people like Mr. Rove are still under investigation. Rather than securing an indictment on perjury charges against Mr. Rove Mr. Fitzgerald strongly believes he can convince the grand jury that he broke other laws.”

MORE: Lawyers: Fitzgerald believes he can get Rove on more serious charges...

TPM points out that they knew Plame was undercover. It's right in the indictment. P.S. Blogenfreude I told ya da chimp would go on another vacation!

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