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26 October 2005


In my in-box

Yesterday you may have noticed this site didn't look the same, in the menu on the right (if you weren't distracted by the code) was the phrase "2000 How many more must die in this script?." This was my little protest, my little vigil . . . Dear IVAW Members, Today we've reached another grizzly milestone in this senseless war. IVAW co-founder, Mike Hoffman, has produced an op-ed that is on our website There are also 2 links there to locate the hundreds of vigils to honor the fallen 2,000 that will be taking place on Wed 10/26 across the country. I encourage you to check out the website and take part in any vigil in your area. The government refuses to show us the dead, hiding flag-draped coffins from the cameras. And many Americans would like to forget what is happening in Iraq. Publicizing the number 2,000 draws attention to the fact that the war continues to cost us lives, not to mention the destruction of the lives of many more Iraqi civilians, and the billions of dollars wasted. We must keep this tally on the minds of Americans and force them to consider, "How many more am I willing to tolerate?" Yours Truly, Amadee IVAW Administrative Coordinator P.S. Looks like my comments are down untill I get home from work, feel free to e-mail me.

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