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21 October 2005


Lurkers, Links, Trolling, and Blog Etiquette.

Lurkers A Lurker is someone who is a constant visitor/reader to message boards but rarely posts on them. Trolls A Troll is a person who posts messages in order to provoke an angry response or to start trouble without adding anything worthwhile to the conversation. Blog Swarm When a large amount of activity, information and opinion erupts around a particular subject or controversy in the blogosphere, it is sometimes called a blogstorm or blog swarm.
Lurkers, come out. I know you'’re there! Blogging is a delicate balance of form, content, and a give and take between the proprietor and the customer. Without your comments my narcissistic ego would shrivel up and die! (jk) Reason #1113 for blogging is getting someone else'’s point of view to bounce your own off of, and make adjustments as necessary. Nothing so sad as a blog with no comments. Trolling; I don't believe in trolling. I mean I don't think it is a valid way dismiss what someone says. Have I, by definition, trolled before? Yes. Have I used language that didn'’t reflect the tone already in use at a particular blog? No. Have I gone off topic at times, maybe. Using incendiary language out of the blue, or going way off topic--–if having started there at all--–that's trolling by my definition. There is, however, a problem with swarming. No, not the standard definition, the actual phenomenon. The swarming I'’m thinking about is a combination of the standard trolling, compounded by the number of trolls. Again, see Republican Vet to see what I mean. I appreciate that all of you who went to Mr. Leffingwell's Site tried to have a productive dialogue with him, not go strait for the neck. Emphasis on tried. So, I'm going a drinking tonight. I probably won't be back in command of the english language untill Sunday. Click on the links in my side bar. Run your name, and your site's URL, through Technorati (mine too). Comment on old posts, I get notified about your comments through e-mail, so I'll know. Have a great weekend, and hopefully, a great conversation with someone who doesn't see things the exact same way you do.


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