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01 October 2005


My first guest blogging gig

Done in classic "Thou Shall Not Suck" Style...
Subject: Bible Thumpers, Xenophobes, Freepers, Right-wingers, Wingnuts, Ding-bats, College Republicans, Kansas, people who must sleep in American flag sleeping bags, and good intentioned people who just haven’t waken up yet.
Hypothesis: We are all wrong, and they are right, and God Bless America.
Evidence: A strangled logic they posits that says the Left hates America, and by speaking out against the Bush administration and all its fine works we aid terrorists, kill kittens, and push old ladies off curbs. Anything concrete--no–unless you count the space between their ears.
Remarks: I’m going to physically strangle the next bastard I hear say "free speech isn’t free." You don’t have to tell me that, unlike 90% of the 32% of people that still support the War in Iraq, I’ve actually served in the military. Nearly two-thirds of respondents in a recent USA Today poll said some or all of the U.S. troops in Iraq should be withdrawn. This is an optional war and that the American public no longer wants any part of.
The problem stems from a characteristic arrogance that a certain segment of our population possesses. To question this arrogance or provoke any kind of self examination sends these uber patriots into a frenzy that I, as of yet, can’t understand. If your position is worthy of consideration there is no need for the typical interjection of what I like to call the, "O’Reilly Factor."
The opposite is just as true. Closing your eyes and whispering to yourself, "everything is all right," over and over again, may work in horror flicks, but it’s not acceptable for the American public, or our Commander-in-Chief. The numbness that has set in about Iraq is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in my life.
Conclusion: We are not all wrong, nor 100% right. I’ve always been under the impression that the only stupid question is the one not asked. Recycle your "stuck on stupid" rhetoric all you want, it’s not going to get you anywhere.
Solution: If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. Right? If you ignore what’s going on you directly contribute to the situation over in "Mess-o-potamia." The question is, are you anti-war, or pro-terrorist?


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