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16 November 2005


Hastening my eventual return to blogging...

Senate Overwhelmingly Backs Resolution to Ease Out of Iraq By Maura Reynolds and Mark Mazzetti, Times Staff Writers
WASHINGTON — In its first direct challenge to President Bush on the war in Iraq, the Senate on Tuesday called on the administration to turn over to Iraqis more control of their country to hasten the eventual withdrawal of U.S. troops. The resolution passed with broad bipartisan support, 79 to 19. Its approval comes as concern over the war's course is rising even among Republican lawmakers, and as President Bush's approval ratings have sunk to the lowest of his presidency.
- Is this a victory? Better than nothin' I guess... ...And in the, "They grow up so fast," and the "Where did you learn to do that Son?/I learned it from you dad, from you!!!," categories: 173 prisoners found beaten and starved in Iraq government bunker · PM's deputy leads inquiry into torture allegations · Reports of corpses among malnourished inmates Jamie Wilson in Washington Wednesday November 16, 2005 The Guardian The Iraqi government has begun an investigation into the alleged abuse of more than 170 prisoners who were found locked in an interior ministry bunker in Baghdad, many of them beaten and malnourished and some apparently brutally tortured.
16 Nov 2005 10:17:04 GMT
Source: Reuters By Michael Georgy BAGHDAD, Nov 16 (Reuters) - An Iraqi guard who took part in detaining some of the 173 prisoners found locked in an Interior Ministry bunker showed no remorse on Wednesday over reports they were abused, saying they were suspected "terrorists".

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