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10 November 2005


I think I'll read a book.

I've been busy, really busy, for the last couple of weeks. I love blogging and the whole community of people I've met since I started back in June. I can really sympathize with Matt from the Tattered Coat when he stated recently, “daily blogging is incompatible with several aspects of my life.” The time has come for a shift in focus in my life and I’ll be putting blogging to the side for awhile.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be stopping in at all the familiar places—probably will even more so. I think I’ve accomplished a bit of what I want to do with this blog, but I’d like to focus more on the interchange of ideas. I will be at your site. I will challenge you in ways in which you might not expect from what I’ve displayed up until now.

I have one more planned post after this one. It’s kind of personal, but, well…so be it.

One last poke, couldn't help myself...


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