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03 November 2005


Lazyness @ 12 O'Clock

Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing the upcoming start of guest blogger week!

I’ve e-mailed everyone in my extensive database and asked them to contribute. If you’d like to add a post yourself just e-mail me the finished product and I’ll work you in the line up. I’ve also started (stole the idea for) a little project for all my regular customers. I first noticed this neat little map thingy below at The Green Knight and thought I’d see how much participation I could get from my loyal readers. Be the first to join!

Click here to add yourself!
I know where ya live anyways, so don't be paranoid. Government's tracking us all with implanted microchips anyways, right Zwam? Speaking of Canadians, I don't know if my readers from the North will be able to participate, but try anyways! I'd also like to welcome back an old friend to the blogosphere. He gave me one of my first links back in my MSN Spaces days. Check out his archives, worth the time.
... and speaking of bloggers (or blogs more aptly) that disappear: Hey Fred, I got a visit from someone at the World Bank after I posted a segment from "The Economic Tsunami" at My site is temporarily down. Please, help me spread the word. I find it really odd that I would get a visit from the World Bank after pointing out how terribly they and other bankers are plundering the world. Thanks. Posted by qrswave -Strange eh?

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