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30 November 2005


More New York business . . .

I recently posted a quick blurb about Brain Goodell at The Syracuse Progressive. 2006 is the year to take back our Government. The netroots must mobilize to support local races for Congress and any other seats that are open, district by district. Thank to Lizzy @ Nightbirds Fountain for bringing attention to another great pick for 2006!
A year after tangling with the Bush campaign over the use of a pop tune he penned in the 1970's, Democrat John Hall now wants to take on Rep. Sue Kelly.Hall, a former county legislator who lives in Dover Plains, announced today he is running for Congress in the 19th Congressional District in New York. [WaPo]Hall co-wrote ``Still the One,'' and ``Dance With Me,'' which were hits in the mid-1970s for the rock band Orleans, of which Hall is a founding member. Hall summarized his campaign platform as redefining national security. That includes not only strong and well-equipped armed forces, but also things like affordable and accessible health care, a world-class education for all children and the development of more alternative energy sources.Hall also feels that there is considerable evidence that voting fraud occurred in the last two presidential elections. It is not surprising, considering the hardball tactics used for many years in certain cities around the country, but the advent of electonic voting makes it much more worrisome. more
John Hall is THE ONE that our District needs!


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