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03 November 2005


Slippery little Devil

DeLay gets Democratic judge in Texas

By Jeff Franks
Reuters Thursday, November 3, 2005; 8:11 PM

HOUSTON (Reuters) - A Democratic judge was named on Thursday to preside over the money-laundering and conspiracy case against U.S. Republican Rep. Tom DeLay in an appointment made by the chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court.
Sounds good right? Read on...
Priest was appointed by Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, a Republican endorsed and aided by DeLay's Texans for a Republican Majority, or TRMPAC, a political action committee at the center of the criminal charges.
What's been the whole point of this thing? According to the rightwing, "Even people who aren't fans of Tom DeLay should show some intellectual honesty and admit that this is an out-of-control prosecutor and a phony charge." So, in order to pour water on the flames, the Delay legal team gets the original judge thrown off the case. Coincidentally a mid-level Republican Judge recuses himself and suddenly Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson has the decision of who to appoint.

That should calm all those wild claims by the left that Delay and associates are all wrapped up in influance peddling. A Supreme Court Chief Justice surely wouldn't have the taint of corruption around him.

$5 says this "Democrat" Judge drops the charges before Christmas


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