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21 November 2005


Thanksgiving with the Murtha's

So I'm headed east on the thruway, taking in the beauty of New York at about 95 MPH. At times lots of different things are running through my head. Other times, nothing. For the most part my mind meanders like the storied canal beside me. One of the things running through my head is a recent exchange over at my new addition to "the darkside," discriminations. In response to my chiding a particular person who'd made a typical anti-military remark:

That's nothing like Ol Cut and Run's proposal. Posted by: Patrick R. Sullivan

One "Les Nessman" responded:

"Wow. The Chickenhawk ad hominem comes out. How original. Very persuasive, Fred. Very mature."

"It's actually a good sign to have it used against you; it means the other side has given up intelligent argument and conceded defeat."

I was also think about a statement I'd seen on another right-wing blog, something to the effect that Liberals would define Lincoln as a chickenhawk. I always find it funny that the "Father of the Republican Party" was also the person respocible for many of the things that modern Republicans despise about government. A strong centralized Federal Government that trumps states rights, Income tax, proto-affirmative action.

. . . Anyways:

An ad hominem argument is a logical fallacy that involves replying to an argument or assertion by addressing the person presenting the argument or assertion rather than the argument itself or an argument pointing out an inconsistency between a view expressed by an individual and the remainder of his or her beliefs.

To use a Rovian expression, isn't someone who uses an "argumentum ad hominem," IE smearing an honored veteran like Rep. Murtha--instead of addressing the issue of formulating an exit strategy for Iraq--presenting themselves as "fair game?"

Git up there mule, here comes a lock, We'll make Rome about 6 o'clock One more trip and back we'll go, right back home to Buffalo.


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