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20 December 2005


All right smart asses

I brought my camera to work so I could document a beautiful Central New York morning at the armory:
. . . and later while cleaning out a file cabinate I found some interesting items I thought might make for a good humerous post.
Raffle tickets and a map of Gitmo.
Then I made the mistake of leaving my camera on the desk:
You think cabin fever is starting to set in early? Well things aren't that bad, you should see what it looks like outside. In the daylight.
-My chief finacial officer tells me it's cheaper to get Earthlink DSL as opposed to what we're paying for Adelphia cable, so I'll be offline after work hours till the modem arrives. It's sucks trying to upload pictures from work so I thought I'd go out with a bang. Looks like it's time to finish up that Faulkner I've been putting off.


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