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05 December 2005


At the request of my good friend Mr Wheeler

My sister, Lori Williams (Seattle WA) sent me the email below. Hello everyone, I'm sorry for the blanket email, but I'd like to make a request from you, if you're so inclined. Many of you know that I have been supporting soldiers through the website. One on the Marines that I correspond with on a daily basis, Gy Sgt Jeff Poole, is stationed at the camp that lost 10 men the other day. They're based out of North Carolina, and their unit is in a very dangerous area, and has lost quite a few men since this war started. They've been near Ar Ramadi for many months, and aren't scheduled to come home until the end of February. As you can imagine, the latest event has created quite an impact. Regardless of your thoughts on war, I'd like to ask that you send your thoughts, energy, prayers - whatever is appropriate to your belief system to Jeff and his fellow soldiers. If you'd like to type up some kind words, I can put them together and get them directly to Jeff, who in turn can post them for others. I know that some of you will probably forward this email to others, and I'll be sure to get all responses to Jeff. If you don't feel inclined to type anything out, just sending some thoughts of support would be sufficient. If you're like me, you feel pretty helpless in supporting the troops. That's why I'm such a big fan of anysolder. It's a way for me to let them know that I appreciate their sacrifice of being away from their families, and following their orders. The politics don't matter to me, what matters is that there's young men in harms way, and I'll make whatever small contribution I can. Thanks for listening, Lori

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