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09 December 2005


Gift Idea

Not One More Mother's Child (Paperback) by Cindy Sheehan, Introduction by Thom Hartmann, Foreword by Congressman John Conyers, Personal Introduction by Jodie Evans


Cindy Sheehan is the real deal, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who summoned the courage that most Democrats in the Senate seem still to turn their backs on. Of course, Rove and his right wing echo chamber did their typical character assassination machete routine on Cindy, even though most of them are chickenhawks who dishonor our military dead. They were successful in making Sheehan appear as some sort of radical activist, when she's as American as apple pie. The radicals who have decimated Iraq and allowed thousands of our soldiers to be wounded and more than 2000 to be killed -- those radicals are running America right now. While they continue with their lies and war profiteering, Cindy continues with her attempt to restore sanity and integrity to our foreign policy. If that makes her the subject of scorn in some of the press, then that bespeaks to how the mainstream press has "gone native" with the White House. Cindy is just trying to help save a nation and protect our national security from the fanatics driving us over the cliff. It's not easy to put up with the barrage of criticism coming from the GOP slime bucket. Most Democrats in Congress go limp in the knees as soon as they are attacked, even if it is slanderous innuendo that is used against them. Cindy is made of stronger stuff. "Not One More Mother's Child" is her personal story. It is well worth reading. If the Busheviks continue to disintegrate, it can be argued that the person who first drove a major chink in their armor of fabricated credibility was Joe Wilson. Then Cindy Sheehan came along in 2005 and made George W. Bush look like the scared, cowardly skunk he really is. Then, with the White House malfeasance that occurred after Hurricane Katrina, the pustule of Bushevism broke open for all to see. But Cindy's job isn't finished. The Iraq war continues and more Americans and Iraqis are needlessly dying. Cindy Sheehan hasn't stopped fighting to restore sanity to our government -- and neither should we. We owe her a deep debt of gratitude.
- I spoke to the guy to the right of Martin Sheen on the cover the day of the march. We sat down a little ways away from the Washington monument and shared a story or two.


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