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04 December 2005


I so want that gif as my gravatar is BACK.

We’re back doing the job no American wants to do. hehehe. We listen to Pat and Jerry so you don’t have to.

-another must read:

A History of (Pro-Life) Violence

By Steve Almond
It seems never to have occurred to her that there might be a world outside her own beliefs; that a pregnant woman's body is her own property, not that of the state or any religious interest group; that the issue here is one of individual liberty, not ideology.
Click on the title to read more . . . -Make that a pair from alternet: Alito CAPS His Bid By Eyal Press Why did Alito flaunt his membership in a Princeton alumni group that attempted to prevent women and minorities from receiving the same education he did? Campus newspapers aren't generally known for making waves inside the Beltway.
Recently, however, the Daily Princetonian published a story that merits attention from senators gearing up for the confirmation hearings of Samuel Alito, George W. Bush's nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. As Chanakya Sethi reported in a November 18 article for the paper, in 1985 Princeton graduate and conservative Republican Alito sought to impress his colleagues in the Reagan Administration, where he was applying to become deputy assistant attorney general, by touting his membership in an organization called Concerned Alumni of Princeton.
Click on the title to read more . . .


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