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05 December 2005


News from the front:

The Green Knight brings news from the front; Faux takes a Defeatist stance . . . the Battle of Knoxville, where a batallion of mechanized liberal infantry stormed the churches on Christmas Eve and slaughtered anyone celebrating the mass. Or the Storming of the Beaches at Houston, when secular humanist frogmen, behind a wheezing Ted Kennedy, destroyed a group of carolers and stuck their heads on pikes on the highways leading into town, as a warning to any other Christians who were thinking about baking tree cookies or giving presents to their children. Or the Coup of Duluth, where the Democratic Elite Guard overthrew the City Council and immediately issued a fiat banning nativities, and made the hanging of colored lights punishable by summary execution.

Blonde Sense shows us how real Christains turn the other sheep:

"As Christians, it is essential to remain cognizant of the seemingly illogical fact that even though we constitute the vast preponderance of Americans, we are constantly the object of cruel persecution by the majority of our fellow citizens. And during the Christmas season this insidious anti-Christian harassment most often takes the creatively sneaky form of politeness by strangers.

The Big Brass Blog gives Dr Suess French lessons:

Think of all the metaphorical American wars you've heard of: the War on Christmas, the Culture War, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on Pornography, the Campus Wars, the Gender Wars, the Cola Wars. Those were just the ones that came to mind without searching my memory. Every time the USA wants to talk about a national effort, a cultural phenomenon, or even a corporate rivalry, it immediately reaches for the war metaphor. During the Bush era, this trend has reached both the sublime and the ridiculous: the entirety of global politics has been re-imagined as a war against an emotion -- terror -- and the essence of domestic politics has been recast this December as the struggle between the Grinch and Cindy-Lou Who.


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