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12 December 2005


O'Reilly, "Somebody stop me!"

From Crooks and Liars: Bill O'Reilly argues against himself

This is the hostility that O'Reilly's "Wwar on Chritsams" has started. Just because a waitress told this guy, "Happy Holidays," the guy wanted to punch her in the face. (Like O'Reilly, I don't know if the guy was serious.) Update: This has got to be a crank call.

Caller: I wanted to punch her in the face...

O'Reilly: I think you're out of line.----if somebody says "Happy Holiday," there's no reason to get offended.

Brad has the audio.

Emailer Joe: "So then Bill O'Reilly ripped into the guy and said he was a jerk for not tipping her. O'Reilly said "What if you had been Jewish or Muslim" she didn't know what your religion was. She was just trying to be respectful. Then O'Reilly discovered he had contradicted himself and tried to back pedal and explain the difference."


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