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23 December 2005


"O'Reilly wants cab drivers shot dead"

Right away sir:
" . . . Bill O'Reilly complained about a New York City cab driver who he said demanded $300 to take a friend's daughter to the airport during the city's transit strike, stating: "Immediately that person [the cab driver] should be shot dead." O'Reilly then asked, "Did you get that, you left-wing smear sites who are listening?" He further suggested a possible headline, "Just pass that around -- 'O'Reilly wants cab drivers shot dead' -- big headline on the left-wing website[s]."
-These Chickenhawks never have the balls to do their own dirty work. But we do what we can! Anything to be added to another list. Like the one below for instance;
Hat tip to Der Blogenfreude


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