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16 December 2005


Retreat and Defeat, GOP Style.

To: President George Bush December 10, 2005 It’s yours. It’s your war. You decided to start it, we didn’t. You decided to lie to congress and the American people to get your war. We are not surrendering Mr. Bush, you are: You surrendered the claim that there were WMD in Iraq. Perhaps you’d like to resurrect it? After all, it is how you “justified” all of this. You surrendered your claim that the revenue from oil would pay for the reconstruction. Perhaps you’d like to return several hundred billions of dollars back into the United States treasury? No? Now you’ve waved 2 white flags in front of the world. But there is more. A lot more. You surrendered your claim that there was a link between Al Queda and Saddam Hussien. You admitted there wasn’t, before you continued making the claim through your proxies. What do we call someone who waves a white flag and then has someone else start shooting again? Three white flags. You surrendered your administration’s claims that we’d “probably be out of Iraq in 12 weeks”. 3 months has turned into three years. The price has been the lives of more than two thousand two hundred of our children; the one’s you lied to. 4 white flags, yet the bodies of our children still stack up every week like grotesque firewood on the kindling of your lies. You surrendered our economy; you surrendered a multi-trillion dollar surplus to the communist government of China, whom you’ve placed the American people in debt to for trillions more. 5 white flags. You surrendered the honor of the fallen in Iraq; refusing to let the American people see their sacrifice, choosing to hide their funerals from our sight. This is the shame of any murderer. This is now 6 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered in Afghanistan; you withdrew 80 percent of our forces when they had not achieved victory by your own definition; Bin Laden was not captured or killed, and YOU quit the mission. 7 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered America’s reputation as a decent nation to the entire world Mr. Bush. You were repeated warned, and you valued your diabolical blood lust and messianic delusions of grandeur more than the United States good name. 8 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered our constitution and Bill of Rights to the 9-11 hijackers after September 11th. 9 white flags Mr. Bush. Speaking of 9-11, you surrendered New York City immediately, choosing to spend your time after you knew we were under attack, sitting in a kindergarten reading “The Pet Goat”. 3,000 US citizens died horrible deaths on international television as you did…..NOTHING. 10 white flags Mr. Bush. You did it all again when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and Mississippi. Maybe you were tying to be consistent; You sat on your useless a$$ on vacation after you were warned, and again, our people died. And even their daily deaths did not move you to take command until the damage was complete; Like New York. Like Iraq. 11 white flags now Mr. Bush. You surrendered the Geneva Convention Mr. Bush; saying “we do not torture”. After you tortured, again and again, and were caught. This you said as you said you’d veto any bill banning…torture. A dozen white flags for what you have surrendered Mr. Bush. You surrendered America’s war on poverty. You actually cut funding to pay for school lunches for poverty stricken children too poor to actually eat properly. You surrendered this to less than 1 fifth of one percent of the people; billionaires. 13 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered our borders after 9-11; you even went so far as to attempt to grant amnesty to foreign nationals who’d committed the crime of breaching our borders. This you did after you claimed you were going to make us safer. I guess shredding the Bill of Rights was your preference Mr. Bush. 14 white flags. You surrendered every American’s right to privacy. In it’s place you put a slogan with the word “patriot” in it. 15 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered a chance to build an actual coalition to deal with the supposed “threat” presented by Saddam Hussien. Oh you called it a “coalition of the willing”. You even claimed it was “bigger than your [sic] Father’s”. Of course it wasn’t. You went so far as to list Micronesia as a member. I suggest that the reality is that compared to your Father, it is tragically “micro” Mr. Bush. Perhaps this has been the problem all along? Has America been held hostage to little George’s personal shower trauma from childhood? 16 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered you own opportunity to actually fight for your country; You argued that Vietnam was "just” and that the United States “had to win”. Then you had your Dad get you into a unit of the Texas Air National Guard which insured you’d never have to see combat. Maybe we should have started with this one; it’s one of your first white flags as a so-called man. But we’ll call it number 17 here; 17 white flags of surrender you’ve waved Mr. Bush. You’ve surrendered America’s war on pollution. You’ve chosen to supposedly believe that “global warming” is “a myth”, and to let industry dump millions of tons of toxic waste into our precious rivers and air. 18 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered our public education system; You created a law called “No child left behind” which demands students test higher or teachers would be penalized, and then you provided no funding for the phony mandate. It appears that you loath the people who teach our children. I wonder why. 19 white flags Mr. Bush. You surrendered in Saudi Arabia. Usama Bin Laden demanded that “American infidels leave the Holy Soil of Medina and Mecca”; you pulled the troops out. You surrendered to Bin Laden’s demands that Saddam Hussein be removed as Iraq’s ruler, and that Iraq become an Islamic State; You did just as he asked, and now alcohol, “western music”, and unvieled women are gone from Iraq, it’s formerly secular government replaced by one based on Sharia; Islamic law. That is 20 white flags Mr. Bush. As for the 21st white flag, this one you refuse to finally wave; You get to avoid waving it, so long as our children continue to die by the dozens for nothing; our own children are now “presented” in death as “flags”; you call it “honor”. We call it a disgrace to all that is decent, a crime against the military, a crime against everything this nation once stood for, the principles of which you’ve surrendered again and again and again. Let me be clear with you Mr. Bush: This is not our white flag. We are not surrendering to our enemy. Not in the least. What you have failed to understand is who the enemy is; It’s you. You are our enemy. You are the enemy of America. We have not surrendered to you Mr. Bush. We are intent upon driving you and your kind from our midst. We’re sick of the surrendering our country by the likes of you. The 21st flag will be waved by you Mr. Bush. I have it on 20 to one odds. Sincerely, Jay, an American still fighting for his country and unwilling to surrender. Seattle , WA Hat tip to WTF, Over!


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