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10 December 2005


The Review

There is something I don't do but two or three time a year; go to the movie theater. I can easily name the last three or four movies I’ve seen in the big screen: Star Wars Episode III, Sin City, and Kill Bill volumes One and Two. Last night one of those rare occasions came about where I deemed it worth my while to journey out in the world. Last night I took my daughter to see The Chronicles of Narnia. Simply stated, I don’t go out to see a movie unless I think it can deliver. Through some complicated internal process whose machinations are curtained even to my conscience mind, this determination is made and seeing it is set in stone , the exception being “Good Morning, Good Night” which never came to a theater near me because of what appears to be a Conservative conspiracy. It’s been over a decade since I’ve read any of The Chronicles of Narnia, so, unlike when I watched The Fellowship of the Ring, many of the fine details have faded with time. It was easy to catch the missing scenes in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the Tolkien classic, not so much with The Chronicles of Narnia. I can say that the whole thing flowed smoothly, with no revisionist fantasy, and the underlying Christian aspects of the story weren't overwrought. In fact it did leave me grinning at the thought that there are Christian families that will go to see the movie and be exposed to as many or more mythological creatures and as much witchcraft as was seen in Harry Potter movies. It is good, but in the wake of a new Harry Potter movie and the Lord of the Rings trilogy it feels a little light. It didn’t feel as English as the first and the CG wasn’t as strong as the latter. I guess the only test that matters is the one it passed. When I asked my daughter if she liked it she said yes. When I said, “better than the goblet of fire,” she said, “unhuh.”


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