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23 December 2005


Where did all my Mike Watt go?

Looking back. Fridays Random Ten. 1. Frank Black and the Catholics- St Francis Dam Disaster 2. Joy Division-Warsaw 3. Primus- Making Plans for Nigel 4. Kyuss- Demon Cleaner 5. Mother Love Bone- Bone China 6. Social Distortion- Story of my Life 7. Dinosaur Jr.- Feel the Pain 8. Mad Season- River of Deceit 9. Nada Surf- Blizzard of 77' 10. The Jesus and the Mary Chain- Just Like Honey -If there is one thing history has taught us it's that Conservatives can only slow Progress, never stop it, or reverse it, but only temperarily. Happy Holidays, Happy ḥănukkāh, and have a Merry Christmas!

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