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18 January 2006


Cowboys and Indians

Where the hell have I been...

I like getting out of the office. I don't like the end destination so much, they don't call it the "Puzzle Palace" for nothing, but going up to Headquarters get me out and about. It also gives me a chance to take in my preferred form of media--the thing I started going to school for until I switched my major--Radio. The Erie Canal slipped on by, but I barely paid its icy flows any attention this particular journey. My Shotgun has Sirrus Radio. That's right. Sirrus Radio. The 2+ hours on the road turned into a blur. We listened to Howard Stern the whole way there. It was some of the best shit I 've heard in a long time.

FYI: Howard Stern Shows Constraint, Dumps Content Was Howard Stern's Sirius Show Pirated? Howard Stern on Satellite: The Price of Freedom

The second part of my day was a stark contrast to my expedition east. On my way home I was once again confined to terrestrial radio. The only oasis of intellectual stimulation remaining on the dial is way down on the left end (no pun intended) where NPR resides. Snuggled between the Bible Thumpers and the “My Hump[ers]” NPR is like the last civilized stop on a stage coach ride to points west. What I heard Tuesday was an in-depth look at how the Abramoff Scandal plays into the old theme of Cowboys and Indians. Take a listen:

-Well, I'm now almost caught up till yesterday, stay tuned for my take on recent statements from Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

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