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08 January 2006


The Very Picture of a Modern Major Armchair General

"Fred we support killing terrorist Iraq in Afgan dont support the war on terror..."- »©ávėмāń From his command post in West Texas, with the Franklin Mountains framing the landscape in the background, this defender of freedom uses the most powerful communication tool ever known to man to spread his positive message to the world:
"Fred you surrendered long time ago...your a big pussy."
Seeing as I've never made a comprehensive statement as to exactly where I stand on "Mess-o-potamia” 03', 04', 05' 06’, let me lay it on the line right here and now so there is no more confusion. I, Herman Frederick Bieling III, support the War on Terror. Being a native New Yorker that watched that fateful day in September all those years ago (feels like ages) on a T.V. at my barracks in Germany, I would think it would be obvious how I feel about the attack that occurred on our soil, toward our countrymen. I guess the uniform, and my service to this country would have been your first clue, but I don't expect you to comb through my archives--let alone even get this far into what I'm writing here before thinking up a new and innovative way to call me a pussy--to find out all the bits and pieces of my life that might support that claim, so I'll help you out: ○ I am a 20% service connected disabled veteran. ○ I've been deployed in support of, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. ○ I have received numerous awards, the Army Commendation Award, numerous Army Achievement medals, an Expeditionary Medal, two Good Conduct Medals, two Overseas Ribbons (Germany, Korea), a pile of Certificates’ of Achievement.
I placed first runner-up on a dual Soldier of the Deployment/E-5 Promotion Board. That's in a battalion of almost 900 people and in a "Hazardous Fire" zone. That's just days after watching on T.V. the staged rescue of Pvt Jessica Lynch and with that the confirmation my next door neighbor, a man who, along with his wife and children, broke bread on his last Thanksgiving at my house. Sgt Don Walters was found rotting face down in a shallow grave with multiple gun shots in his back.
Currently I serve with a Task Force responsible for guarding critical infrastructure from terrorist attack here in New York. Many of the people I work with everyday are combat veterans, and more than a few have sifted through the ruble of Ground Zero. I've told all this before, and really, in the end, it hasn't a damn thing to do with whether or not I love America, or hate it--or if I am patriotic enough, or not.

Who I am has nothing to do with how strong or salient my arguments are, at least in a perfect world it shouldn’t. If there is anything the left should take away from what has happened over the last few years it’s that it doesn’t matter how unimpeachable your integrity, or strong your character; those without either will go for the jugular with smear tactics and outright lies every time. The two best examples of this are Senator Kerry and Congressmen Murtha. The argument has to be sound. So what do I argue? What is it I put forth as a qualifier on the statement, “I, Herman Frederick Bieling III, support the War on Terror,” now that I’ve made it? How about all the things I do not support: ○ I do not support the assertion that Iraq was anything but a War of Choice. ○ I do not support the misuse of Intelligence to claim there were WMD in Iraq and strong-arm the American public into war. ○ I do not support redirection of troops from Afghanistan to Iraq before Osama bin Laden was captured or killed. ○ I do not support the systematic physical torture of any captive of the United States, whether it be on our soil or abroad. ○ I do not support the denial of due process for any detainee in U.S. Custody. ○ I do not support the exposed cover-up of the circumstances concerning Pat Tillman’s death, nor the confirmed staged rescue of Jessica Lynch, nor the media blackout of pictures of our Nations sons and daughters coming home to their final rest. ○ I do not support Administration reprisals against former Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife for exposing the Presidents patently false claims regarding Iraq’s Nuclear Weapons program, claims which were later acknowledged as false and retracted. ○ I do not support the notion that having 72 hours after the fact to get a warrant for a FISA court is such a burden that the President feels it is justification to throw the Constitution out the window. ○ I do not support Bush apologists. ○ I do not support terrorists, foreign or domestic. Read anything else into those statements you want, leave a comment, ask me if I support transgender preachers having intercourse with immigrant mules if that’s what you get out of it; I’ll tell you plainly, no. As for Iraq I reject the idea that we can finally settle on the excuse that we waged this war to see a free, stable, and Democratic Nation in the heart of the Middle East. It has become clear that our presence fuels the insurgency. There is no argument anywhere that refutes what our Military Commanders are telling us from the field, and as for when to leave, now that we’ve installed this “Democracy,” who is to say they shouldn’t have a ballet referendum as to whethur they want us to stay, or go?

In short the best thing our country can do to fight terrorism is live our lives without fear, in a principled manner, under the law. We must foster Democracy throughout the world, not force it. We must use military force when necessary, legal means were applicable, and diplomacy first and foremost, to fight Terrorism. The best way to fight terrorism, is to be American.
"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche


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