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10 February 2006


Curse you, technology.

After many fits and re-starts my computer has been magically purged of whatever virus it had. A very traumatic experience altogether. School has been kind of dull, the only class that is engaging is World Religions. Staining E. Coli gets boring after the first night, and Web Design is one of those class you end up taking just to prove you know what you already know. Lot's a drama at work as well. Because the trouble brewing is for once not of a tactical nature, and doesn't deal directly with where I work (it's at the state level), I'll be able to blog about it and give you a better idea of some of the things I deal with from day to day. Stay tuned for up dates on that toward the end of the month. I had a good idea for a post the other day playing on President Bush's accidentally calling Library Tower "Liberty" tower. Something along the lines of a spoof on the Department of Homeland Security / Ministry of Truth immediately going back to change all records of Library Tower to reflect "Liberty" Tower so Dear Leader wouldn't be wrong. The internet was down, but as we've all seen, the chances for a good play on 1984 come everyday now. How you say, "Oy."


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