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04 February 2006


Rant & Roll

The Internet is out, my wife is at her Aunt Julie’s, Gran Turismo is playing in B-SPEC mode, and Six Feet Under just ended. I dropped Math because I can’t get through it only having class once a week. I’ll save it for the fall when I can devote my full attention to learning that foreign language. I picked up World Literature instead.

Hillary Clinton was on CSPAN earlier, it was an interview she gave to Jane Pauly on the 28th. She was wearing some ghastly red dress out of a cheap Edgar Allen Poe knock off. Just to see her lips pronounce the word “calculating” without a single hint of irony was less than amusing. Another week slips by and another clash with a right-winger over. Most of it preserved here if you care to review it, I’d rather not rehash the disconnect that is the story of America right now.

I’m putting in my transfer paperwork tomorrow when I go back to drill. My unit is reorganizing and the job that I haven’t even been to school for yet has been shifted to another unit. The position I ‘m trying to get is in another unit at the same armory, which means if I do get it, the school will be for a couple of months back in good ol’ El Paso. Of all the duty stations I’ve been stationed at while active duty, that’s the last one I would have picked to go back to.

It’s odd, thinking of all how might read this. What’s going on in their lives right now, and what actually shows up on there blogs. How can anyone be totally open? How can a blog really be a blog if it becomes a fictionalized memoir of someone’s life? Narcissism drives the blogging masses, or at least it drives me. Regular everyday life doesn’t hold the same interchange of ideas, the conversations, and the conflicts. In everyday life everyone tries to get along and there just are places we don’t take each other because of the consequences. Everyone knows the dynamic. Push people out of their comfort zone and watch out for the back-blast. Who want’s to be the person who always agitates someone to reexamine their beliefs?

I ran into a blogger named Harry a little over a week ago and he was a classic case. The summery would be, “I believe what I believe and there is no room for discussion.” Makes me wonder what the rank structure would be for the “Seven Army Values.” Does Honesty outrank Loyalty, does Integrity not outrank all? He steadfastly refused to discuss anything. Basically he put me in the character of the smooth talking lawyer/salesman. It’s just sad to see someone shut down like that, crawl into their shell, and wait me out like some kind of hermit crab. It’s not like I was hurling insults like some (you know who you are), I just asked a few questions and pointed out a few things.

If I had a religion, as in, the, “unseen order guides the world,” sense of the word, it would be Sociology. That’s one answer, on the other hand, from the sense that, “religion is the concern which is more important than anything else,” I would say it’s a close call between politics and sex, sex being my religion by a narrow margin. In Sociology, Max Weber tells us that the increasing rationalization, or formal organization, “…cage[s] our imagination and crush[es] the human spirit.” The short hand for this is the “McDonaldization” of America. To me this concept is best illustrated by the political divide that America finds itself staring at one another across the gulf from. I think it was on NPR the other day that I heard someone mention that partisanship in politics today is a reflection of the homogeny of views on respective sides of the political spectrum.

I hope that my views, whether you agree with them or not (or whether you think I “cut & paste” to much), have made a stab at bucking this trend. I don’t know, maybe that’s just the narcissism talking. Enough ranting…the internets back up.


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