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12 February 2006


We don't need no stinking taxes...or, "Screw you Jack, I've got mine."

A Response to comments by the "MegaBrad"
...That reminds me, Republican Vet’s week-long ban for his conduct toward NavySwan is up. I don’t like to ban people, true, but I found that lately, working 40 hours a week, going to school full time, and raising two children can get in the way of responding to every little petty comment from the likes of Caveman and Vonster, etc, etc. Some people wonder why I put up with it, why not just ban the trolls and not have to deal with the whole mess? I question myself on this from time to time as well, but I realize that the heart of the problems regarding the political polarization of this country revolve around people walling themselves off, one way or another, from things that make them uncomfortable or disagreeable. You can shout someone down like O’Reilly does, or ban someone from commenting on your blog, or you can avoid real issues and post about how the referee was on Pittsburg’s side, bla, bla, bla, and that was the worst Superbowl ever. Whatever. It doesn’t do anything to further progress by shutting out those who have different point of view, however valid or misguided (even those who can hardly string words together to make a coherent sentence).

I remember my Dad commenting on a Pink Floyd song we were listening to one day as we were traveling down the road to one place or another. (this had to back around the middle of the 80's) He said, “Do you understand what they are saying in this song Fred?” I don’t remember how I replied, but he explained, “when they say, we don’t need no education, they are calling out for it.” That’s how I look at “trolls.” That’s how I look at you. Just another poor soul on the conveyer belt calling out for answers, and spouting what you've been told without thinking. Why don't you take a close look at the chart below and then tell me how your're being "competitive" by supporting the Bush taxcuts.

You asked for the education with the display of your ignorance.

-A sweeping bow to,


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