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23 March 2006


Big Love for the Department of the Interior

With Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton leaving Washington under a cloud of scandle you would think that the Bush Administration might take this opportunity to combat their image of cronyism and incompetence. Not so much.

Instead we behold Dirk Kempthorne, (seen here with his family, right) former Senator and current Governor of Idaho, and deja vu appointment. Beyond the usual insider credentials we've come to expect from a Bush Administration nominee, strong ties to the industry the position oversees, (think Sago Mine Tragedy), or trying to throw the agency your about to run out of your state while Governor (Superfund/EPA), Kempthorne brings a special twist sure to draw in the Conservative Christian crowd:

From 43rd State Blues:

Dirk Kempthorne has an 'illegitimate' child.

When Dirk Kempthorne went to DC as a Senator, he took a special aide with him.

While in DC, Dirk Kempthorne was known as the Kennedy of the Republican Party -- and not for his stance on civil rights.

His exit from senatorial life was because Dirk's wife, Patricia Kempthorne, insisted that he end the affair and/or the philandering.

In spite of that ultimatum, the mistress followed Dirk Kempthorne back to Idaho, and currently lives either in Boise or McCall

The Department of the Interior is hot boys and girls, just another facet of the Republican Culture of Corruption TM. (side story, how Ben Domenech ties in)

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