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31 March 2006


Do you?

My Man Snag wants to make sure you Know Your Rights!
Also for your Friday afternoon entertainment GOP operatives put out a stringent list of requirements to apply for the slew of WhiteHouse jobs to be opening up in the coming days and weeks: White House Employment Application 1. List at least ten people you have bribed. 2. List the ten largest bribes you've received. 3. Explain how you contribute to global warming, daily, monthly, and yearly. 4. List two ways to use more energy, be specific 5. Suggest five possible tax breaks for the rich we don't have. 6. Write a paragraph on why God loves republicans best. 7. List all those friends, neighbors, and coworkers you've spied on. 8. Write an essay on how to support the military while never serving 9. List three powers the executive branch doesn't have that it should have. 10. Submit at least seven samples of someone else's writing

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