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19 March 2006


Time keeps on ticking...

Sopranos Update:
As with all my favorite show, at some point in the love affair I become maybe a little to over critical (Letterman after moving to CBS comes to mind). Watching the Sopranos tonight I felt the little devil on my shoulder saying little things like, "what is with this slowness, why isn't this moving along." I smoked a cigerette though, and contemplated the whole thing. I think what was bothering me was the realness of the pacing, the viewer was sucked into the whole hovering over the Deathbed mode. There were other themes in the episode that didn't go unnoticed. The Patriot Act, Personal Identification, The Iraq war (right on time). The War on Terror. Again, hovering over the Deathbed. The issues we in the military live with everyday. Things go on down in The City that doesn't get talked about in the press. Things I can't talk about. It's seeping into everyday life however. I hear the discussions of civilians. I hear about, "you can't even open a bank account anymore without this and that." Or things like when Tony lost his I.D. tonite, how do you wire someone across the country money who needs help if they need I.D. to pick it up?
If you click on the picture above it will take you to One Good Move. I always stop by there for video, even more so than Crooks & Liars these days. This clip from Boston Legal is just another sample of how far off the track we've gone as a Nation in the last few years. It's effecting everyday people, and the backlash has only just started. The year has only just kicked off, really. It's going to be a long six months for some.


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