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19 April 2006


The deckchair boogie

After a nail bitter last week, with Rummy in a dead heat with Scottie, and a recount, and another recount--hanging chads and the whole 9--the results are in...and it's a two-fer, Scottie, and Darkhorse come from behind Karl Rove! McClellan Leaves White House Press Office White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan Resigns;
Karl Rove Reassigned By NEDRA PICKLER The Associated Press
WASHINGTON - White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove is giving up his policy portfolio and press secretary Scott McClellan is resigning, continuing a shakeup in President Bush's administration that has already yielded a new chief of staff.
A senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the president had not yet made the announcement, said Wednesday that Rove is giving up oversight of policy development to focus more on politics with the approach of the fall midterm elections.

(H/T) Comandante AgĂ­ @ The Defeatists

Update- Nominees for Scotties job, via Atrios:

Tony Snow

Baghdad Dan Senor, otherwise known as Mr. Campbell Brown

Jeff Gannon

Ron Silver

Toby Keith


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