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21 April 2006


Illegal Immigration and Inverse Fascism

I’ve yet to comment on the immigration debate, and I am reluctant to for a couple of reasons. First and foremost it is a political distraction from real and pressing issues--last summers Iraq and this spring's Iran--immigration is this years Gay Marriage Amendment. It conveniently takes the spotlight off the Republican Culture of Corruption, and the mess in the Middle East. Another reason I haven’t discussed it at any length is my own naturally Conservative notions might run off the readership.

Naturally Conservative notions? Shut up. We all have them.

Well the reason I’m saying something now—beyond having watched Gangs of New York again—is reading yesterday morning's post by Michelle Malkin. Just take a look at this graphic from the post:

It is noted by Malkin, after surveying this document, that, " . . . from 1997 to 2003, worksite arrests . . . fell by a factor of some 97 percent since 1997--and plunged by another 2/3rds by 2004." While Malkin comes to other conclusions about what this means, one of them being that the recent raids by the Department of Homeland Security are politicaly timed and hollow, I am struck by the reaccuring theme that has been seen again and again since the Republicans sealed their lock on the Congress, and since Bush has been squatting in the Oval Office.

The theme is smaller government by attrition. This is the Conservative modus operandi. Don't like the idea of a social safety net? Spend the surplus, and then try to privatize. Don't like the Education Department? Pass another unfunded mandate designed to bring down the already teatering public education system. Don't like Unions? Allow the Nation to be flooded with illegal immigrants. Strike busters. Scabs. Cheap labor. Why? Because when you boil "smaller government" down it means just one thing--a Goverment so small it is unable to protect the People from Corporations. The Executive branch becomes the office of the CEO of America Inc. We all are once again beholdin' to the company store.


A recent post @ On the Rocks with a Twist broke Fascism down into a simple mathematic equation:

This equation is true enough, but it is not what is happening today in America. In my response I stated:

America is actually suffering from reverse fascism. Fascism is basically the State control of industry. The U.S. has given up regulation of Airlines, Ma Bell, and other industries over the years. In an equal yet opposite reaction corporate oligarchy has slowly taken over Government through lobbyist, lawyers, and the like. Reverse Fascism.

I'm no Marxist, and certainly no admirer of Mussolini, but reverse Fascism is just as detrimental to American Democracy (what's left of it) as the first two. In a Democracy the needs of the business class must be balanced with the needs of the private citizen, and vice versa. No inanimate corporation deserves more rights than a living human being. What's happening in America is a travesty. The marketing of medicine, the auctioning off of our Government by the ruling party, the de-secularization of America, all absolutely disgusting.

The way forward is to institute real ethics reform, campaign finance reform, instant runoff voting, and secure computer voting. The People need to know their vote counts. The People need to know the voice is being heard. Whatever your values or political affiliation if your advocating for the status quo your squarely against America.

So my equation, my expression of what we have here in an America, where Government has trended toward less oversite ( Ie - Smaller Goverment ) looks something like this:
-Ya, I changed it from reverse to inverse. Also, if you have the time check out what Bacchus has dug up from the real Founding Fathers.


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