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30 April 2006


Out of Touch

They just dont get it...
White House Correspondents Dinner
Hot Air has clips from last night’s White House correspondents dinner; Allahpundit says Stephen Colbert bombed. (Angry lefties think he was brilliant, of course.)
By Michelle Malkin

-Update 2.0 (via NavySwan, better video)

Colbert Roasts Bush 1
Colbert Roasts Bush 2
Colbert Roasts Bush 3

Good round up of reviews here.

My fav:

"Man, this was funny but really edgy. It's like doing comedy about Iran in Iran in front of clerics."

-From News Hounds:

The videos on, and other outlets feature only the Presidential skit, but no clips of Colbert's scathingly funny expose of the current administration's foibles and failures.

One wonders if the word has gone out from the White House: Stifle references to Colbert or suffer the consequences. Or is this deafening silence the result of the collective guilty conscience of the MSM media?


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