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15 May 2006


Deploy guns and badges

Bush to Propose Guard Troops for Border

WASHINGTON — In a move designed to win support for immigration reform from get-tough conservatives, President Bush plans to send thousands of National Guard troops to help secure the Mexican border.

Bush, in a speech to the nation Monday, will propose using the troops as a stopgap measure while the Border Patrol builds up its resources to more effectively secure the 2,000-mile line between the U.S. and Mexico, said two White House officials speaking on a condition of anonymity before the president is scheduled to speak at 8 p.m. EDT.


-Hey, I don't care, I'll go down there and collect some special duty pay for sitting around sweating my ass off on the border. More money in my pocket. I'm just wondering why, if this is such a priority, why we can't fully fund the Border Patrol in the first place. Probably the same reason we can't fully fund the Veterans Administration, and everything else. The Iraq War is sucking our coffers dry. It's always cheaper to have a soldier do what a State or Federal agency does anyways. Seems I heard something of this , "deploy Guns and Badges" strategery somewhere before...

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