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28 May 2006


Every once in a while you stop to look around.

For the most part, what I see in my day to day life isn’t that bad. I don’t see any hoards of (illegal) immigrants coming to take my, or anyone else’s, jobs. Although I don’t see that many jobs to be had by anyone. I don’t see the institution of marriage breaking down any quicker than it was yesterday, or the day before, or last decade either. I do see crime and drug use at historic lows. Abortions too. I do see a lot more SUV’s and trucks in front lawns with “for sale” signs on them. I don’t find much to watch on the T.V. these days beyond “The Sopranos,” and the season finale is next Sunday anyways. I get what I need from the internet. Maybe these are the calm and fair last few days of the Empire. The, “before the storm,” type deal. Maybe there hasn’t been a real Empire since the last President to wear a top hat to his inauguration was shot a few short years thereafter. Maybe America still lurks under all the trappings of nostalgia, and is just waiting for a storm shake the trees, pound the roof, and batter the shutters. Suns out, have a beer. Here's to the memory, and here's to what we have to show for it. Oh, and thanks, Carl, you Krazy Katzen, for reminding me of this:
"I've always been amazed that the very people forced to live in the worst parts of town, go to the worst schools, and who have it the hardest are always the first to step up, to defend us. They serve so that we don't have to. They offer to give up their lives so that we can be free. It is remarkably their gift to us. And all they ask for in return is that we never send them into harm's way unless it is absolutely necessary." - Michael Moore, Farenheit 9/11


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