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05 May 2006


Liberal Media Myth exposed once again.

Rep. Kennedy Crashes Into Security Barrier Officers Suspect Intoxication, Congressman Blames Prescription Drugs By Del Quentin Wilber, Allan Lengel and Bill Brubaker Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, May 5, 2006; 1:18 PM

Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy had "red and watery" eyes, "slightly slurred" speech and unsteady balance after his car crashed into a security barrier near the Capitol early yesterday, a police report said.

The Democratic congressman from Rhode Island has been charged with three infractions, the report said.

Capitol Hill Police officers at the scene suspected Kennedy might have been intoxicated, a police union official had said yesterday.

You absolutely gotta be fucking kidding me. It's on every channel. Patrick Kennedy scrapes the right rear quarter-panel of his Mustang, receives three tickets, and afterward annouces he's seeking treatment for addiction to prescription drugs. All of a sudden it's like Rush Limbaugh meets Dicky Cheney shooting a guy. All this attention on Kennedy while elsewhere in the world Darfur peace talks are moving forward, and Blair removes Jack Straw as foreign secretary. Oh, that's right, he is a Kennedy. This will be an excellent chance to reair footage of Chappaquiddick for the thousandth time.
Of course this ain't even shit when you consider the real biggest story of the day, or the one the so called "Liberal Media," has bobbled: Porter Goss resigns as CIA chief 'I honestly believe that we have improved dramatically,' he says
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- CIA Director Porter Goss is resigning, President Bush announced Friday. "Porter's tenure at the CIA was one of transition, where he's helped this agency become integrated into the intelligence community, and that was a tough job," Bush said in a photo session with Goss at the Oval Office.
Think Progress has the real story about Goss that Bush's lapdogs in the Press have failed to report:
For more than a decade, Cunningham-linked defense contractor Brent Wilkes curried favor with lawmakers and CIA officials by hosting weekly parties at lavish hospitality suites at the Watergate and Westin hotels in Washington. Guests would gamble, socialize, and sometimes receive prostitutes; according to Harper’s magazine, the festivities “began early with poker games and degenerated” into what one source described “as a ‘frat party’ scene — real bacchanals.”

GOSS’ NO. 3 ADMITS ATTENDING PARTIES: The highest-ranking CIA official to admit he attended the poker parties thrown by Wilkes is Executive Director Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, the agency’s third-ranking official. (Foggo even “occasionally hosted the poker parties at his house in northern Virginia,” though he denies ever seeing prostitutes at the gatherings.) Foggo’s connections to Wilkes and fellow contractor Mitchell Wade are now the focus of an investigation into CIA contracts by the agency’s inspector general, first made public in March. One of Wilkes’ companies, Archer Logistics, won a contract to provide supplies to CIA agents in Afghanistan and Iraq despite having “no previous experience with such work, having been founded a few months before the contract was granted.”

GOSS CONNECTED? Last week, Harper’s magazine reported that party-goers “under intense scrutiny by the FBI are current and former lawmakers on Defense and Intelligence committees — including one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post.” CIA Director Porter Goss is perhaps the only individual who fits such a description. (Goss denied the accusations through a spokesperson.) But the alleged links between Goss, Foggo, and Wilkes led some to return to questions raised when Goss initially selected Foggo to be executive director in November 2004. At the time, the decision was viewed with skepticism since Foggo’s previous position was as a “midlevel procurement supervisor,” and because following his unexpected selection, “Porter Goss lieutenant Patrick Murray went to then-Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counterintelligence Mary Margaret Graham and informed her that if anything leaked about other Goss appointments — in particular, Foggo’s — she would be held responsible.”

Project on Government Oversight fellow Jason Vest reported last week that much of Foggo’s counterintelligence file “has to do with various social encounters over the years, none of which he’s been deceptive about when polygraphed, and all of which have been deemed to be of no threat to operational security — but are still the types of things that could be embarrassing for Goss and the Agency.” Vest suggests the latest reports raise important questions about the “relationship between Foggo and Wilkes, and the relationship of each with Goss.”
-Although I do wonder when Rep McKinney is going to hold a news conference to inquire if Kennedy was wearing his Congressional Pin during the incident.


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