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21 May 2006


See me through, Waterfall

Well, a change has been overdue. It would suck to be one of the bigger blogs that suffers from Scooby Doo syndrome, having to wear the same clothes episode after episode just so the children feel comfortable and identify. I’m hoping to also change the format somewhat, I’ve tried the epistle approach in the past, but that became just one big shout fest I didn’t have time to moderate. The “Document the Atrocities” style will always be around in a pinch, but what I’d like to lean toward more in the future is something along the lines of actual journalism. The picture to the left is of the waterfalls at Fillmore Glen State Park, in my old home town of Moravia, New York. I’ve spent many a hot summer day lounging around in the pool up at the top. Summer 2004 I worked at the Park. Good memories. That’s the point though; I want to have more pictures of real people and places, and stories to accompany them. The battles that my favorite big leaguers wage--Kos, Crooks and Lairs, Atrios—need to be fought, but I want to make people real. So much of what has led to the current situation here in America is the dehumanizing tactics of the pundits and prophet of the Right. As always, if you have any suggestions on the format, more padding here, font is too small, let me know. I hope to be adding Java Script that will change the main picture for every refresh. I’m also trying to fit in a menu that will slide in from the left and cover the area where the picture is and display my links.


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