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07 May 2006


We are Citizens too.

May is National Military Appreciation Month, and I'm not going to let Michelle Malkin have a monopoly on it. We always hear the old adage that, "freedom is not free," and how America's soldiers are on the frontlines today, as they've been through the ages, defending our freedom of speech (so you'd better shut up about the War), yet as we've seen before with the case of Daniel Goetzit and Leonard Clark, sometimes the freedoms we are told our soldiers are fighting for don't always apply to them, especially when they dare to offer dissent.

Being in the military, I understand there are natural limits to what you can say on a blog about military operations, or things that might effect the "good order and discipline" of a unit, but I don't understand what honest political discourse has to do with either of these areas. I do understand what happens when the military suppresses this kind of speech. It certainly doesn't help retention efforts. There are, however, more positive side effects.

Meet Leonard Clark less than a year latter.

Leonard Clark - Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate I support impeachment of President Bush and the entire administration! The undeclared war in Iraq was a bad idea, based on lies, and our continued presence there is a mistake. We should end our occupation as soon as possible. The undeclared war in Iraq is not only costing lives, but money that would be better spent elsewhere. We need to bring fiscal responsibility back to government. As much as possible, I am an environmentalist, and support positive environmental legislation. April 22nd is Earth Day, but in my view, every day should be Earth Day!
Leonard Clark Grassroots Democrats for Leonard Clark 6230 W Echo Ln Glendale, AZ 85302 Phone: 623-205-2832 Email:

You want to support the military? Really? Support this guy. Support these Veterans, as well. If you can find a Republican Veteran running for office, let me know. I'm not completely partisan about the whole thing, it's just a rare thing these days to find an Elephant in uniform unless there's a photo-op on an Aircraft carrier involved. We in the military need to find our voice. It's our duty.

(H/T) Democratic Vet


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