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02 June 2006


I'm turning the channel, as soon as he turns his back.

Aaaaghh!!! No internet at work today. On top of that, it’s Conservative radio day. We have an agreement in the office where one day it’s NPR, the next Savage/Ingram/Rush/O’Reilly, and the day after that is Howard 100. As I write Laura Ingram's nasally W.A.S.P.ish voice is buzzing in my ear. It reminds me of the time I was in Korea, out on the Battery’s Tac Site working on a HEMTT M983 when the starter fused upon ignition and started whining uncontrollably as the little thingy inside spun around. It did something with the current that made the caps to the cells on the vehicle’s batteries pop off like champaign corks, and bubble battery acid. I’m impressed, once again, at the level of fear and paranoia that flows from the filthy mouthpieces of these people. I must have heard Michael Savage repeat “Sub-human Sunni” about a hundred times before 0900 today. All morning long, from show to show, there was an incessant drone about the media poisoning the American public against the war in Iraq by repeatedly talking about Haditha. I even heard at one point how Walter Conkrite forced us out of Vietnam using the same tactics. That’s funny, I could have sworn that President Nixon, who ran on a platform of withdrawal, and was elected through the Democratic process, was the one who was Commander-in-Chief and ordered our troops out of Vietnam. Gone are the days when the Republican/Christian/Conservative faction believed that the American citizen is able to think for itself, if such days every existed. Big Brother now feels it must hold our hand in all things. Yes, the connections back…See you at your blog.


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