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03 June 2006


This week in dirty Republican politics.

FEC Finds Frist Campaign Committee Violated Law by Failing to Disclose $1.44 Million Loan

CREW’s complaint alleged -- and the FEC agreed -- that Frist 2000, Inc. failed to disclose a $1.44 million loan taken out jointly by Frist 2000, Inc. and by Frist’s 1994 campaign committee, Bill Frist for Senate, Inc.The result of the discrepancy was to make it appear that Frist 2000, Inc. had significantly more money that it actually had.

FEC fines Frist's 2000 Senate campaign By NANCY ZUCKERBROD

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission has determined that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's 2000 Senate campaign violated federal campaign finance laws.

The federal agency fined Frist 2000, Inc., $11,000, according to a lawyer representing Frist's campaign and a watchdog group. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington had filed a complaint last year against Frist's 2000 campaign committee and received the FEC's findings Thursday.

The FEC found that Frist 2000, Inc., failed to disclose a $1.44 million loan taken out jointly by the campaign and Frist's 1994 campaign committee.

-Yet for some reason Senator Harry Reid actually doing his job within the law gets press as being controversial and unethical.
Bush Supports Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage, Distorts Meaning of Democracy
-Didn't this guy swear to uphold and defend the Constitution?


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