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01 December 2005




I’m sure NavySwan could make the argument just as well, if not better than I, that it is clear that the majority of Americans do not hold the views of the Honorable Judge Alito. Poll after poll show have shown how Americans feel about subject such as Environmentalism and Privacy, and it’s becoming clearer upon every memo that is released to the public that this nominee is not only out of the mainstream, but in fact swimming against the current of progress and years of settled law.

Of course there is always the argument that prior SCOTUS Justices were out of the mainstream when they took on issues like Segregation, among others. The Judges who overturned the system of segregation made the lives of each and every American incalculably uplifted. In my view Justice Alito will not be the kind of Judge that will, to borrow from our Dear Leader, “advance freedom.” Senator Durbin--recalling Senator Paul Simon—has characterized the concept well in his Opening Statement [to]Senate Judiciary Committee during the Roberts confirmation hearings;

“You face a much harsher judge . . . than this committee, and that is the judgment of history. And that judgment is likely to revolve around one question: Did you restrict freedom or did you expand it?”

I agree that Alito is right in his tactical approach to undermining Abortion law, but in no way is the goal itself something I could, in good conscience, approve of. To be on the winning side does not always equate with being on the right side (no pun intended). That does not mean that I begrudge you your position or opinion, I’m glad you took the time to leave a comment here. To be honest I always shake my head in amazement when I hear someone from the right deride someone with the “Moonbat” attack in response to one argument or another. To see that there are some on the right that can make an impassioned, emotional, yet rational argument is refreshing. All too often it seems as if there are few who can or do.


St Wendeler,

My dear poor child, it is often said that neo-cons are liberals that have been raped by reality, and you fit the bill as the Right’s prostrate poster-child, kicking and screaming your rage at the world. It’s ironic that you’d start your salvo with mention of “abolitionists from mid-1800s.” I happen to live right down the road from the Harriet Tubman House, and Seneca Falls is just a few miles further. “Those abolitionists from mid-1800s surely would find a home in today's Democratic party? Would they be considered "progressive" today?” As I’ve already covered the issue of labels, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, and Libertarian time and time again in response to one Righty after another, and find it tiresome at how little modern Republicans understand the twisting paths Liberalism and Conservatism have followed in relation to the “party label.”

Yes, it is as you say the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln, but what a sweet contradiction that is in itself. As I’ve said before,

“I always find it funny that the "Father of the Republican Party" was also the person responsible for many of the things that modern Republicans despise about government. A strong centralized Federal Government that trumps states rights, Income tax, proto-affirmative action."

As for Murtha, and Pelosi, your dead wrong. Like Wehlia said, "Wake up."


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